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Curtis Comes Back to Seattle (90 min.) Join descendants of Edward Curtis and people he photographed as they re-trace Curtis’ footsteps in the Pacific NW during the 150th anniversary of his birth. This feature-length documentary includes segments with author Tim Egan, as well as recently-discovered sound recordings of Curtis’ children, sharing first-person accounts of life in the field with their father.


Edward Curtis Presentation by Clay Jenkinson (66 min.) Humanities scholar and author Clay Jenkinson discusses Curtis’ career and controversial legacy during a talk at the Rainier Club on 11/19/18.


Coll Thrush at Beyond the Frame Symposium (33 min.) Author of the award-winning book Native Seattle presents a talk entitled “Settler Colonialism, Survivance & the Myth of the Vanishing Race” at the Seattle Public Library on 11/17/19.


Descendants Project: John & Coleen Graybill (39 min.) The great grandson of Edward Curtis describes his ongoing project, with his wife Coleen, to photograph and interview descendants of Native Americans photographed by his ancestor. This presentation took place during the Beyond the Frame Symposium at the Seattle Public Library on 11/17/18.


Curtis at the Rainier Club (26 min.) Edward Curtis lived at the Rainier Club for several years and his works adorn it walls today. Join hosts Robert Winquist and Michael Troyer for this rare opportunity to glimpse the Curtis treasures inside the doors of Seattle’s premier private club.


George Montero: Thunderbird Song (4 min.) Edward Curtis worked with many Native Americans to stage beautiful photographs in natural settings throughout North America. In this spirit, we asked Tlingit musician George Montero to take us to Snoqualmie Falls, where we filmed him and children from the Puyallup and Nisqually Tribes playing music and telling stories on a perfect autumn afternoon.


A Visit to “Double Exposure” at the Seattle Art Museum with Descendants of Edward S. Curtis (14 min.) Great grandchildren of Edward Curtis tour a special sesquicentennial exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum. Three Native American artists, Marianne Nicolson, Tracy Rector and Will Wilson, talk about their work in the exhibit.


Deconstructing Curtis: Romanticism vs. Reality (7 min.) Dennis Lewarch, Historic Preservation Officer for the Suquamish Tribe, joins Dr. Robert Winquist for a tour of this special exhibit at the Suquamish Museum. 


Double Exposure Exhibit at The Seattle Art Museum (3:34) This major exhibit brings the past and present together through works by Edward Curtis alongside contemporary Native American art, photographs and film by Marianne Nicolson, Will Wilson and Tracy Rector.


Cyanotype Workshop at Seattle Art Museum (3 min.) As part of the opening weekend for The Seattle Art Museum's Double Exposure exhibit, photographer Will Wilson lets people try historic photographic techniques similar to those used by Curtis.


Edward Curtis & the Lushootseed Revival (3 min.) Curtis documented the languages of many Tribes in his books and audio recordings.  He would be happy to see new generations of Native people learning their traditional language in places like the Puyallup Tribal Language Program.


Edward Curtis: The Man & The Masterpiece (60 min.) New York Times columnist and author Timothy Egan sheds new light on controversies surrounding Curtis, during this fascinating lecture at the Rainier Club.


Living Cultures Exhibit Tour (10 min.) An exhibit at the Seattle Central Library combines historic photos by Edward Curtis, contemporary photos by Sharon Eva Grainger and regalia from Pacific Northwest Tribes.


Curtis in Color (44 min.) In an entertaining lecture at the Rainier Club, Dr. Robert Winquist opens an exhibit of enlarged versions of Curtis' spectacular, hand-colored magic lantern slides.  He also unveils one of Curtis' original cameras.


Edward Curtis & His Disappearing Mountain of Money (56 min.) In a lecture at Photographic Center Northwest, Tim Greyhavens tells the fascinating and sometimes heartbreaking story of Edward Curtis' massive North American Indian project.


Beyond the Frame Kickoff Highlights (2.5 min.) Highlights of the opening event for the Edward Curtis sesquicentennial.


Beyond the Frame Kickoff (48 min.) Complete coverage of opening ceremonies at Chihuly Garden & Glass, including traditional Natives dancers by the Haandei Jin Dancers and Git Hoan Dancers.


Beyond the Frame Panel Discussion (49 min.) At the Museum of Flight, panelists discuss the importance of bringing Native perspectives to the Curtis sesquicentennial.